Austin Swafford sums up the REAL problems very very well:“Garner pulled Oswalt

Austin Swafford sums up the REAL problems very very well:“Garner pulled Oswalt when he had thrown only 95 pitches.He pulled Oswalt with the pitcher's spot coming up the next inning, and didn't make a double switch, which meant Wheeler replica brand watches faced only one batter when he should have been closing the game.He wasted Wheeler, and then he wasted Palmeiro in the bottom of the ninth.Then what does he do? Pull Biggio for Loretta.This guy just never learns.

And please, let's not go into the we gotta trade Oswalt/Clank/Berkman thingy because 1 is hurt, 1 is sucking and we will have to pitch Moehler if we get rid of Roy because God Forbid that this Organization ever give Chris Sampson another chance to replica Longines Master Collection Retrograde Men's watch start.And the other thing is that people actually think we would get a top prospect for any one of the Big 3.Please.With their salaries at their ages, we'd get a couple of warm bodies going to maybe AA at best.

By the way absolutely NO Astro news in the past few weeks.I don't think Carlos Beltran will sign with anyone before January at the earliest. replica IWC 3719-03 Chronograph watch I apologise for no entry this week.First, there has been absolutely NO news about the Stros, except that Purpura, our new GM, has been talking to the agents of Jose Vizcaino and Orlando Palmeiro.Second, Husband brought home a lovely present from work, the flu, and I have 2 small kids and 1 giant kid to take care of.And now, I'm sick, too, and as yall know (or SHOULD know) Mamis can't get sick…I will try to get out the entry on pitching this weekend.In the meantime, please check out the MVN awards.

when Brad TRIES to throw the slider for a strike that he usually gets hammered

t’s when Brad TRIES to throw the slider for a strike that he usually gets hammered.So if yall wanna boo Brad, boo him for the double to Bautista and the walk to Doumit.And if it hadn’t been for Adam Everett, remember, the guy you want out of an Astros uni, Kelley would have hit a 2 run single.The probability that Loretta or Bruntlett swiss replica watches catches that ball is the same probability that I will get a ML contract.Yes, I know all yall actually think that a closer should never give up a run and should K everyone, but, hey, it don’t work like that.And as for trading him to the AL what, you think no one has heard about videos in the AL?

WHY are they stuck? Do they really have problems that no pitching coach can help? Has the organization just shrugged its shoulders and decided to concentrate on someone else?As Jeff Angus, management expert says, “in big organizations, the replica IWC 5001-06c watch wasting of talent is pandemic.”Yall know about the very strict age prejudices that exist in baseball do they really hafta insist that if you aren't MLB ready by 26, to heck with you and WHY do they insist that? Might could some of these guys benefit from a different pitching instructor? Redding and Duckworth were tried as relievers last year and failed miserably.

Could Griffiths and Buchholz succeed? I have no earthly idea why so much talent is not developed and can't offer any reasons.3) DJ Houlton and Mike Burns in AA look as though they might could have some promise.If we don't get all hung up about age.Maybe they might could relieve.4) Amazing how many ML pitchers we have who aren't from the first 3 rounds in the draft, isn't it (think I'll do Part 3 on this)SO- definite starters in 05 Oswalt, replica IWC 4515-02 watch Backe, Pettitte- possible starters in 05 Qualls, Hernandez, Munro, Redding- doubtful starters in 05 Griffiths, Buchholz, Duckworth (nO)- maybe at the end of the year starters in 05 Astacio, Gothreaux, Holton- PLEASE COME BACK starter in 05 Roger Clemens- minor league relief possibilities in 05 Astacio, Gothreaux, Holton, Burns, Enochs, Griffiths, Fernandez, Griffiths, Buchholz- sigHI think we'll need some FA help…..

he'll be lucky to sniff A.- Greg Powell 26 year old did barely OK in 03 in AA

He's durable, but at his age, he'll be lucky to sniff A.- Greg Powell 26 year old did barely OK in 03 in AA, but last year, he did, um, terrible in both AA and A.So unless he was hurt and got fixed, forget this guy.A few more guys who might could have a chance:- Shaun Babula (16th round in 99 from, are you ready, Philadelphia College of Textiles who woulda thunk they had any sports teams 27 yrs old last year had, uh, a bad year), Mike Burns (26 years old 30th round 00 draft this guy looks replica IWC 9270-24 watch I hope no one takes him in the rule 5, Jesse Carlson (23 yr old 15th round 02, think they're grooming him to be a closer, but was used to mop up in AA and he needs another year there.

fer sher), Denny McDaniel (lefty, looks pretty good, 3.48 ERA in 75 IP with a decent K 9 and BB 9), Trey Poland (taken from an indy league, only 11 IP, but looks OK, obviously needs more timer) and Santiago Ramirez (a 26 year old closer has been in A twice, didn't zackly sparkle, figger he's in the minors to stay.Even though he did very replica IWC 5004-02 watch well this year.)Can we please assume that there aren't any Mark Priors in our A ball or Rookie clubs.Thank you.Conclusions?1) doesn't look as if we have anyone in A or who could start in 05 for the Astros.(Could Enochs relieve, prove himself and maybe start later in the year?)2) in A, we have a few guys who seemed to have promise but have gotten stuck Taylor Buchholz, Brandon Duckworth, Tim Redding, Jeremy Griffiths.

I suppose you could call Tommy Manzella the goat of the game for failing to make an easy play, which eventually let a run score, but hey, he's outhitting Clank and Pence COMBINED.Honestly, I don't know what to say that I haven't said before every day replica Longines L4.774.4.52.6 watch for the last week and a half.The day off didn't do the guys any good.Maybe they should take hitting lessons from Michael.Every hitter has slumps, even Uncle, but it is weird to see everyone on the team not named Bourn, Johnson or Keppinger ALL slumping.

old 18th round by colorado is definitely minor league low K and too many BB

Nope.)- Heath Bost (30 yr old 18th round by colorado is definitely minor league low K and too many BB)- Miguel Saladin (29 undrafted from the DR in 95 lo K, hi BB definitely minor league)AA (not on 40 man roster)- DJ Houlton (25 yr old, replica IWC 5442-03 watch round 01 overmatched in A last year, sent back down to AA looked good this yr 2.94 ERA, 9K IP and 2.66 BB IP will probably be promoted this year guess he wasn't protected cuz he's “old” but if he does well in A, he might could at least relieve.

AND, far as I can see from one night, seeing as that’s a good way to judge the entire freaking season, just as good a fielder.It’s like this you CAN’T not care if you have wAayy below average fielders (like the Yankees) unless you have an over replica Panerai PAM00242 Men's watch hitting ENTIRE lineup like theirs.We just don’t.Fourth, about Lidge.I have watched the replay on the Nady HR.Twice.Look at Ausmus’ glove.Watch where the bat hit the ball.Ausmus called for a low inside FB.Lidge threw a low inside FB just where Ausmus called for it.Nady hit it.

Sometimes, hitters hit very tough to hit pitches.Remember Soriano hitting that homer offn Curt Schilling in the 01 WS? That ball was maybe 8″ off the ground and was at least 6″ inside.This stuff happens.So I can’t fault Lidge for that and all yall shouldn’t either.And as for throwing sliders for strikes in case all yall haven’t been replica Panerai FER00003 Men's watch Lidge since he came up, the sliders he throws are almost NEVER strikes.It used to happen that guys swung at sliders OUT OF THE STRIKE ZONE.But there is this thing called video these days and hitters and hitting coaches look at it, know what I’m sayin? Guys lay off that pitch these days and they just didn’t used to.I


I certainly replica IWC watch know what that looks and feels like

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